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Andrea Taylor is a both a business woman and full- time mother to two boys. Her passion for blogging and creating content for her Youtube Channel comes from the idea of preserving memories of her growing family.

Her blog is about the lifestyle of a mom, and the challenges a millennial mother has to face.


MOM SHAME: Why do we do it? | Mom Life

Did you see her feed the baby with formula? Did she stop breastfeeding in the first week? She lets a maid watch her baby? She isn't considering cloth diapers? She lets her sleep in a crib all by herself? Is her baby still using diapers at this age? iPad at his age? Does she think that's safe ... READ the POST

Davao Bloggers Society Safari Christmas Party | My Experience

Hey, mumshies! It's me again, your millennial mother on social media. I can't believe I've reached almost a full year of blogging. Initially, my YouTube Channel was just for vlogs and memory keeping but it has grown to become a little mom vlogger channel and I am addicted in making new content. My ... READ the POST

Motherhood made easy with DELONGHI | Lifestyle

Hey mumshies! It's me again, your millennial mother on social media! Being a full time mother, there are a lot of things running in my mind. I have to take charge and be organized throughout the day and always have a meal prepared for my family. One of the biggest task I have to do in a day is to ... READ the POST

Waxing Doesn’t Have to Hurt if You #SwitchtoHeySugar | EVENTS AND PROMOTIONS

Hey mumshies! It's me again, your millennial mother on social media! Celebrate National Hair Free Day by Making the Big Switch Why do we have to go through pain just to achieve beauty? It is known that women have incredibly high pain tolerance and this is proven by the way we take care of our ... READ the POST

Starbucks Food & Beverages for Christmas 2018 | LIFESTYLE

Hey Mumshies it's me again! Your millennial mother on social media! Traditions. May it be lighting a candle every night before Christmas, family photos with red and white clothes on, or even decorating the Christmas tree as a family, the Christmas Season is filled with family traditions that we ... READ the POST


Hey Mumshies! It's me again, your millennial mother on social media! It's another Fashion Friday and I'm keeping it simple with a little black and white ensemble. I like keeping the classic pieces nearby because they are always being used for quick trips and simple errands day. Being a mom, comfort ... READ the POST